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Dare To Dream Big

“Through storytelling, my hope is to share some valuable lessons that will inspire women of all ages to take charge and aspire to an extraordinary life at any stage of their lives. The possibilities are limitless. The biggest gift we will ever receive is that of ‘life’ - let’s not waste an ounce of time! Let’s learn, share and embrace a sustainable and compassionate life that will fulfil all of our dreams. Let’s help ourselves and those around us and together, we can do anything”.

 Author, Inspirational Speaker + Coach

“The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women - How everyday
women have achieved extraordinary lives and how you can too”

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»'The Secret Diaries of
Inspirational Women' featuring Maggie Beer, Layne Beachley, Gill Hicks, Karen Scott, Moira Kelly & Michelle Bridges

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» 10% of all profit of this book will be donated to “Global Gardens of Peace” ~ A Garden of Hope created by Australians for the children of Gaza - inspired by world humanitarian, Moira Kelly AO

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Inspiration is everywhere...

‘Inspiration is for me a breath of fresh air in its purest form. Sometimes, breathtaking, intoxicating, moving, a moment of inspiration either lived or witnessed can move you to extraordinary heights. Inspiration comes from people; it connects you with another human being on a level deeper than could be explained. Inspiration comes from our beautiful world around us; a flower, autumn leaves rustling under your feet, the warmth of the sun on your back on a winter morning. Inspiration comes from new existence- like the smell of a newborn, you know it is there and you try and hang on to it for as long as you can. The smell of rain coming, of freshly mowed grass, how often have we said as we inhale- ‘Oh I do love that smell’ and we feel a shift in ourselves.

Now imagine, if you could harness inspiration. My journey as an author is an ongoing odyssey of hunting and gathering stories from people and the world around us. My journey as a woman and as a fellow human, is to connect, to collaborate, to create, to care and to celebrate what an amazing gift the life I have been given is. My mission is to look for inspiration all around me and share it with others.

Now is the time for you to let go and be inspired... Join me in daring to dream big...

Dr Gill Hicks >“I would say to anyone, don’t put off what you can do today. Do what you want to do. Live, live and live. Don’t waste that day.”

Maggie Beer >“I am a simple cook that cooks without recipes and with heart.”

Layne Beachley >“I wanted to be a positive role model, a woman of influence with the ability to leave a positive lasting impact and a smile on people’s faces.”

Michelle Bridges >“ Motivation is like a bad boyfriend, he’s never here when you need him. Just be consistent.”

Karen J Scott >“It’s very important to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.”

Moira Kelly >“All you need is a sense that there is no such thing as “no’ and everything is possible.”


Inspirational Author and Speaker, Business Mentor, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

Beatrice was born on the island of Mauritius and her native tongue is French. At the age of 13, she moved to Australia where she completed her education and began mastering her new adopted language. At 18, she moved to London where she pursued her passion for glamorous hotels and her own personal ambition of a high-flying career in the Hospitality industry.

Starting from humble beginnings as a cook and a maid, this led her to have an illustrious career in some of the world’s leading hotels such as The Savoy and The Ritz Hotel in London. At the mere age of 25, she was awarded the very prestigious ‘Acorn Award’ in the UK as one of the future leaders under the age of 30, an award won by the likes of Gordon Ramsay.

She returned to Australia a decade later with a young son in tow where she opened the world’s first fashion branded hotel, Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast working alongside The House of Versace.

Seeking a better work life balance, she transitioned her skills into Property Development and Real Estate over the next 12 years primarily across the Eastern seaboard of Australia where she became sought after in her field of Sales and Marketing.

Reflecting on the many highs and lows of life across the 22 years in corporate life, Beatrice took a leap of faith and decided to pursue her hidden passion whilst still working full time and as a single mother. This was one of storytelling and writing. She began quietly writing her first book in 2012. One year later in March 2013, Beatrice published ‘The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women’ where she interviewed some of Australia’s most iconic women such as Maggie Beer, Layne Beachley and Moira Kelly. In this volume, she explored how everyday women achieved extraordinary lives and that in fact we all can.

This led to a string of extraordinary events over the next twelve months when she began speaking on stage inspiring women on discovering their own effortless brilliance, taking action and pursuing their passions. In that same year, Beatrice became the Chair and set up a charity with one of her own heroines, International humanitarian Moira Kelly AO. Global Gardens of Peace was created with its vision of building gardens for children and their parents in post war countries.

The first peace garden is on the Gaza Strip in the Middle East where Beatrice has recently returned with her team having secured 20,000 sqm of land. Their motto is ‘Planting the Seeds of Hope’. The charity was officially launched at the House of Parliament in Canberra in March 2014. Beatrice is also a committee member of Life Support and Trauma at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Beatrice is now writing her sequel under the new publisher ‘Wild Dingo’. She continues to mentor women on mindset and business, blending her many years of experience and teaching what she calls your ‘discovering your effortless brilliance’.  She is a co- Director of ‘Outback to Icecap’, the world’s first indigenous outdoor leadership education program taking place in Australia, Argentina and Antarctica. She continues to consult in the property world. In 2014, she has been nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

 ‘The most potent force in making a change in your life rests only in one place- in our own souls’. Beatrice Imbert

Beatrice believes that each and every one of us have all the ingredients in us to take that leap of faith and make your wildest dreams come true. She tells us that we are the artists of our own lives and each day is a blank canvas. We get to choose exactly which tones, colours and images we are seeking for our biggest masterpiece- that of our legacy and the life we have been granted.


Moira Kelly AO { Humanitarian and Founder Children’s First Foundation }

“Beatrice has a wonderful, genuine and gentle presence that is reflected not only in her company but it is translated in the beautiful testimonies reflected in this book. She is a gifted writer who is able to reach to the very soul of the person and translate this message with panache, humour, sensitivity and wonderful creativity!”

Bronwen Healy { Founder Hope Foundation and Author of Trophy of Grace }

“I truly believe that we all ordinary people with the gifts and talents and courage on the inside of us to live extra-ordinary lives. Beatrice Imbert is one such lady who has chosen to follow through with living that way by writing this book, with the hope that the stories of her own journey and those of other women will encourage, challenge and inspire you. You were created for a purpose – I hope that as you read this book you will start to ask yourself the question, “What on Earth am I here for?” and then radically pursue it.”

Darren Stephens { Author of the Number 1 Bestselling Book } “Millionaires & Billionaires Secrets Revealed”

“Beatrice is a truly inspirational woman. Her Passion and Drive to make a difference shows up in every word of this book. Her courage and success will inspire you to take action and achieve your dreams and goals.”

Anthea Nicholas { Author }
‘Unplanned First Time Mum at 50’.

“Beatrice has an amazing drive and vitality for life. I can think of no better person to compile a range of stories from such an outstanding group of women. The challenge to initially make contact, and then to secure personal interviews with such a diverse and successful range of women gives credit to the vigour, commitment, passion and professionalism that Beatrice is renowned for. The collection of women whose stories that Beatrice is going to share with us will be of interest to all women of all ages. This is the type of book that I would have loved to have when at 50 years old I found myself unexpectedly pregnant for the first time. To give people confidence, hope and encouragement is one of life's true gifts.”

Rob Lucien Whittle { Author }
‘Succeed over Fear - Panic Attacks’

"Beatrice has captured what makes these awe inspiring women tick in her first release into the market, "The secret diaries of Inspirational women". An excellent read with insights into how these great women overcame the hurdles of life using their inner strength and positive approach to excel in their fields.”

Grace Love { Author }
Organic Bliss- Cooking without recipes

"Beatrice has been an inspiration for me since we met in Melbourne. Her presence filled with care and attention makes one celebrate life, connect with other people and enjoy every moment. Although Beatrice's book contains stories of other inspirational women, I deeply believe there should be one long story about herself as she is the one huge inspiration to others! She is a proof that nothing is impossible and anything is possible!”

Pete Jensen { International Author } ‘Lessons in Happiness from The Third World’ and facilitator of transformation.

“An encounter with Beatrice is like sipping cool refreshing water from a well of class, integrity and humility, and these qualities flow beautifully through her writing and the stories shared by some equally refreshing women. Beatrice’s warmth, generosity and deep desire to make a difference to the lives of others are encapsulated in this wonderful collection of stories that she has lovingly assembled. Stories which are guaranteed to inspire, comfort and provide hope and energy to all who read them, as they have done for me. Bravo!”

Ricky Sawi { Prosperity coach, investor, entrepreneur and author } ‘Living The Immigrant Dream’

“Beatrice has been an inspiration for me since we met in Melbourne. Her presence filled with care and attention makes one celebrate life, connect with other people and enjoy every moment. Although Beatrice's book contains stories of other inspirational women, I deeply believe there should be one long story about herself as she is the one huge inspiration to others! She is a proof that nothing is impossible and anything is possible!”

Sadhna Wilson { Chair, Life Support Committee Board Member, The Alfred Foundation }

"Beatrice is a woman for whom the term ‘extraordinary’ was invented. Fiercely intelligent, remarkably generous and unfailingly kind, we are immensely grateful she has taken Life Support and The Alfred hospital to her heart. Thank you Beatrice for your beautiful spirit, your tireless support and for creating this book for women everywhere. You are a true inspiration and I am blessed to call you my friend."


Have you just found yourself waking up today and knowing deep down that there is so much more you can do? Or you have realised that you are not pursuing your passions and that time is running out? Well, it is time to connect the dots. Each one of us have an effortless brilliance within us waiting to be unearthed and you have the right ingredients to get started today.

Beatrice Imbert through her 'B Inspired' series can provide a solution to your dilemma. On offer, are small workshops working with like minded people on mindset, business and even writing that book that you have always wanted to write. Perhaps, you are ready to take that leap and a one-on-one mentoring program is what you need for your business and yourself right now.

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