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My year of being grateful for my community

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, hat tip, credit, regard, respect;

Earlier this year, I begun a self expression and leadership program and one of the aims is to create a community project. When asked what possibility I wanted to create for the  project, the answer was simple. I wanted to recreate what I felt: love, gratitude and compassion in the world. 

For most of my life, this feeling has been a little like a fishing bobber, there floating at the surface of the water, and...

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Written by Beatrice Imbert — January 04, 2017

I choose - A dedication

I choose

When was the last time you simply chose?

When was the last time you said this is mine?

When was the last time you utterly believed in what was coming to you?

When was the last time you gave yourself complete permission to say yes to your dreams?

I dare you

Believe that what you want is here

Believe that what you pray for is already around you

Believe in the unreasonable

Believe in the abundance of life


How will I do this?

How will I find more time?

How will I explain these to others?


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Written by Beatrice Imbert — March 22, 2016

Letting Go... Can You?

Letting go…. Can you?

(This is a dedication to 3 beautiful women in my life who all happened to connect with me today- one who taught me how to let go and two just learning how to let go of the past and embrace the unknown).


There was a time that those two little words were taboo and would never, ever be uttered from yours truly and I can assure you that this was not so many years ago.

But I will admit now that it is truly one of the most wonderful feelings that I have...

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Written by Beatrice Imbert — August 07, 2013

Blogging at RAW Community Garden; RAW stands for Resilient Aspiring Women

What are resilient aspiring women I wondered and did I fit the bill? That was the inquiry that popped into my mind when I was invited to attend an afternoon at the RAW community garden in Brighton, a community space created to bring women of all backgrounds and cultures together by my dear friend Author and Speaker, Mariam Issa. 

There, you can often find refugee women working together on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays with the local women from the Bayside area. Together, there is an unspoken and yet visible harmony as they plant the seeds, toil the earth...

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Written by Beatrice Imbert — July 10, 2013

Blogging in Brighton -Thought: Individuality vs. Fitting In; What should we teach our children?

Here I am, laptop on my lap (where else?) at the local café. Single origin Guatemalan coffee and warmed up banana bread dished up by a dish with lovely eyes and smile. Double whammy, I am in luck today! The sun is shining with a crisp and winter brightness and outside large sunflowers are gazing at me.  Are they really in season or just wonderful imitations? I ponder this... 

Two vintage ironing boards serve as tables by the window. Around me, countless women of all shapes and sizes converse with hype. There is a lot of...

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Written by Beatrice Imbert — June 30, 2013

Secret Lesson on how to ride the waves of overwhelm this Christmas....

Have you noticed that as at 1st December each year that time begins to speed up and every elevator conversation moves from weather to Christmas? The next phase of this phenomenon is that Christmas now becomes the main reason to explain why business slows down, why returns are down, why things don't get done and procrastination looms its ugly head like a blanket across our city. 

Doom and Gloom, you may think but for many, it is really covering up the social activities that are either brewing or generally in full swing by the 5th day of December! However for...

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Written by Beatrice Imbert — December 04, 2012

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