walk tea journal

Coming to meditate at Labyrinth Lane is unique. As you enter...hear birdsong, see tall canopy gumtrees, touch medicinal herbs, taste a refreshing tea on completion, inhale a fragrant garden.

It’s Country bliss in the City.

Awaken the Senses

As a guest you are welcome to take your time, find your natural rhythm, walk the labyrinth with a question, a curiosity or simply walk to unwind and refresh your mind.

Take 5

Pause at the space for contemplation where materials to write, to draw, to record your experience are available. What inner wisdom will make an appearance today?


A pot of tea, a seat, a chat or silent reflection; all are encouraged here.

For you.

Walk Tea Journal - $20 p/p
please check the website for the next avail. times http://labyrinthlane.com/www.labyrinthlane.com/Welcome.html