Sandra Mallia is a mortgage broker who has risen through the ranks of the finance industry to become one of the country’s leading finance professionals. 13 years ago, as a single mother of three kids she was offered a position in the mortgage industry with the added bonus of a company car. Bravely, she took the role and the added challenge of working in an unknown, male dominated industry. In a short period of time, mortgage brokering became more than just a job to her – it became a passion. Sandra developed many valued friendships and partnerships with both clients and colleagues by taking a genuine interest in helping others. Sandra credits her family as the inspiration behind her drive for success. . Sandra dedicates her success to her beloved daughter Samantha who she sadly lost in 2007.

Sandra now operations her own company, Mint Lending which is in partnership with Loan Market. Her team of three is well respected by both local community members but also the banking industry who have rewarded her with ‘premium broker’ status, meaning the major banks have recognised the on-going quality of her work. This past year Sandra’s son Jarryd joined the family business as the Mallia’s look to continue to help the local community save money on their home loans. For the past two years Sandra has been the top female broker for Loan Market in Victoria and has been rewarded and recognised with ‘elite’ status within the group.

The services offered by Sandra Mallia as a mortgage broker as compared to dealing direct with your local bank differ in two important areas, choice and service. When you go direct to a bank, you are limiting yourself to choosing your home loan from only what that particular lender offers. A  mortgage broker, Sandra  has access to a range of lenders, usually 30 or more, including the major banks. She will assess your personal circumstances and goals and then find the right product for you.

How Sandra Mallia can help you in your search for a home loan: 

  • takes a wholelistic view of your situation, provides real value add and looks to establish an ongoing relationship for life
  • a thorough explanation of all the features, fees and charges associated with the loan you choice 
  • liaise with your solicitor, real estate agent and accountant to ensure your loan progresses from application to settlement smoothly
  • help you gain an official home loan pre-approval if you’re looking for property 
  • Periodical home loan check and ongoing support. 
  • if necessary, assist you in refinancing a current loan 

By consulting with Sandra you can ‘shop around’ amongst these lenders without running around to each of them, which could be the difference between securing your ideal property and watching someone else beat you to it.

Sandra Mallia works out of Port Melbourne and has access to over 800 loan products from a panel of 30 lenders. To book an appointment with Sandra please call 0408 206 350 or email her at