By creating a M.A.D. Nest, becoming a Nest Leader wherever you may be in the world, you are helping to build communities that have Empathy at their very foundation. Empathetic Communities matter because we believe this is a mechanism in which sustainable peace can be achieved. We believe that we do NOT live in isolation - wherever we are, whatever we do, we interact with and depend on other people....we are, whether we realise it or not interdependent. 

And with this Interdependency comes Responsibility, we are each responsible for our own choices and the impact those choices have on people around us.

Someone Somewhere is Feeling 
the Effects of Something YOU 
have said or done. 

Dr Gill Hicks MBE FRSA

M.A.D. Values

To proceed in become a M.A.D.One you are choosing to 'Accept' each of these Values and will endeavour to use them in your Every Day life. 

These Values become the foundation, the Core to all we do and all we believe. Thank you for choosing to make a significant and positive difference.


To show willing to place yourself in someone else’s position with the aim of understanding a point of view and / or an action. You do not have to agree with the other, but wanting to understand is crucial to creating sustainable peace.

Compassion - To Care

To Care about people who may not have the advantages that you do, or people who are living in extreme conflict, extreme difficulty – think of them with the same dignity that you would think of yourself. Humanity is our thread and caring about humanity is understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent.


To be the one who says ‘stop’ – this ends with me. Sometimes it is not ‘easy’ nor the ‘soft option’ to encourage a peaceful alternative to a conflict. It takes great courage to be the person to say ‘No’ – to believe that hatred begets hatred, violence begets violence and to break a cycle of destruction someone has to be the one to Stop. It also takes courage to go against what may be the popular view, to understand that to build solid, sustainable peace we need to choose to understand Before we form a negative opinion.


To strive to make a positive difference in all you do – to never give up believing that we all deserve to live in Confidence, that sustainable peace is possible.